We are Approved by DGCA and operating at our both the bases, Indore and Bhopal
  "The world is making amazing progress in the matter of air travel and even space travel... Already, we have heard of live animals being shot into space and brought back to earth alive! In this respect India is yet far behind the advance nations..."

Everyone agreed. But we followed. Only "Flying Clubs" could deliver the much needed resources to the Airlines, the Air Force, the private fliers and semi-defense organizations. And so the flying clubs delivered!



But the one name that shines the brightest is Madhya Pradesh Flying Club!

And higher......!

The club completes half a century of glorious service to the nations on August 1, 2006.
Fortunately, this is not the end of the beginning of yet another glorious flight of MP
Flying Club. Wait and watch!

To promote interest in aviation to the extent that it becomes a rage for the next generation.
To create dependable aviators for dynamic and exciting careers in the ever-growing aviation industry.

So far the club has trained,
-Private Pilots Licence holders
-Commercial Pilots Licence holders
-Aeronauticle Maintenance

The club was adjudged the 'Best Flying Club' for Four consecutive years prior to 1978 and also bagged the Aero Club of India Challenge Trophy.
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